Animal shelter

Animal sanctuary seeks funds for capture, neuter and release activities

FURRYKIDS Safehaven, a shelter that houses some 2,000 stray dogs near Seremban, Negri Sembilan, will soon be able to purchase a new van to carry out its dog capturing activities, thanks to a donation of RM17,000 from the Santana Riderz Motorcycle Club.

Dalbir Singh, a member of the club, said he participated after being approached by the management of the shelter, which is a registered non-governmental organization (NGO).

“We know how expensive it is to run an animal shelter and the daily needs of stray animals.

“We hope more donors will come forward and help the shelter purchase the van as soon as possible so they can continue to rescue wanderers,” he said.

Dalbir also urged families to donate RM5 per month to help such shelters in their areas.

This, he said, would greatly help those who run these places to better care for the rescued dogs.

If these shelters had the funds, he said, they could sterilize rescued animals.

“It would also be good if the authorities could continuously provide financial assistance to these shelters as it is a community service,” he said, adding that the club also organizes other charity projects in orphanages. and retirement homes.

Furrykids Safehaven chairman Jeskiran Kaur Bhatt thanked Santana Riderz for the donation, saying the NGO needed another van now that it had been awarded a contract by the local council to catch stray animals in Seremban and Nilai .

“The council wants us to operate five days a week in both areas,” she said, adding that stray animals would be neutered and released.

Jeskiran said the shelter had an old pickup truck, but it was recently involved in an accident after the brakes failed.

She said a distributor offered a new van for RM45,000 and the shelter hoped to raise the remaining RM28,000 after receiving RM17,000 from the bikers.

The NGO started with 70 dogs it rescued from euthanasia at the Kuala Lumpur pound in 2017.

In January 2021, the shelter moved to the heights of Kuala Sawah after flooding in Mambau caused the death of around 50 dogs.

The new shelter covers 2.8 ha and includes worker accommodation, isolation, quarantine and boarding kennels, warehouses, a roaming area, hangars and an office building.

Furrykids Safehaven needs RM90,000-120 per month to run the shelter.

His expenses include utilities, rent, salaries, food and medicine.

Jeskiran said the organization also has to vaccinate dogs every year, which costs around RM60,000.

“The cost of renting and maintaining the pitch was almost RM58,000 and RM36,000 respectively.”

Work on the new shelter was still ongoing due to cash flow issues, she added.

“We also need around RM50,000 to complete the construction of a treatment room to significantly reduce our medical bill,” Jeskiran said, adding that the shelter still owes a kibble supplier RM90,000.

Those wishing to donate to the NGO can contact Jeskiran on 016-230 7854.