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Animal Rescue League of Boston welcomes 25 beagles to Brewster site from troubled Envigo facility in Virginia, dogs will be available for adoption

The Animal Rescue League of Boston took in 25 beagles from a struggling breeding facility in Virginia run by Envigo. ARL plans to adopt the dogs to new owners as pets in Massachusetts.

The group joins a growing number of animal shelters and rescue organizations that assisted the Humane Society of the United States in its massive rescue effort to move nearly 4,000 beagles from the facility over a 60-day period – an effort that has been underway in stages for much of the summer – to find home placements across the country for all dogs.

The ARL brought the 25 beagles it recovered from the facility ‘riddled with animal welfare issues’ to its Brewster Animal Care and Adoption Center on Cape Cod, the group said in a statement. Press.

The dogs were bred to be sold to animal testing labs, ARL added.

ARL said the beagles will be available for adoption, but through a special adoption process, as the group anticipates a high volume of adoption requests that would otherwise impact its normal operations.

Interested persons should complete an online form, ARL said, which is accessible here. Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis, ARL added.

If selected, a potential adopter will be invited to meet one of the adoption beagles in person, according to the ARL, which noted that all requests will receive a response indicating whether or not they are accepted.

“ARL asks interested adopters for their patience,” the group said. “Beagles need time to heal and ARL is unable to anticipate when they will be ready to go to their new homes.”

The group added that interested adopters are asked not to call or email the ARL Animal Care and Adoption Center because calls, emails or social media posts to ARL accounts will not be considered as applications.

“The Animal Rescue League of Boston is honored to be part of such a massive rescue effort,” ARL President and CEO Dr. Edward Schettino said in a statement posted to the press release. . “ARL commends HSUS for their efforts and commitment to these resilient animals, as well as our animal welfare partners across the country who have made special accommodations to ensure these dogs are cared for and find the homes they want. so richly deserve.”

According to HSUS, a court case filed against Envigo by the Justice Department alleges its facility violated animal welfare law, with findings that “some dogs were ‘euthanized’ without first being anesthetized” and that the beagles were given “inadequate veterinary care” and “insufficient food”.

Last week, 20 beagles from the Envigo facility arrived in North Brookfield through Second Chance Animal Services, while another 48 beagles from the facility arrived in Massachusetts through the MSPCA and Northeast Animal shelter.

A complete list of HSUS rescue partners across the United States is available here for those looking to learn more about where rescued beagles can be adopted.

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