Animal rescue

Animal Rescue Group flying dogs from China and Afghanistan via Pearson International Airport

Orlando is a retriever who will arrive in Mississauga on March 30 through a partnership between Golden Bond Rescue and No Dogs Left Behind.
  • Brownie is one of the dogs rescued by No Dogs Left Behind who made it to Pearson International Airport before heading to the organization's shelter in Toronto.

An animal rescue group focused on finding homes for dogs destined for the meat industry sends 16 dogs to Pearson International Airport on March 30.

No Dogs Left Behind is an animal rescue organization that has shelters in the United States, Canada, and China, and focuses on providing medical care and finding homes for dogs sold for meat.

“We fight for global animal welfare laws,” said founder Jeffrey Beri, who partnered with Oregon-based Golden Bond Rescue to fly 12 golden retrievers on the expedition. . “No country has the right to recklessly slaughter animals.”

According to Humane Society International, local animal rights groups in China are exerting increasing pressure to eliminate the consumption of dog meat.

The dog meat trade is a contentious issue in the country, being banned in some Chinese cities, including Shenzhen and Zhuhai.

In 2020, the China Directory of Livestock and Poultry Genetic Resources announced that dogs would not be classified as livestock.

Beri said his organization was working to intercept dogs destined for the meat industry and advocating for stronger food safety measures and animal welfare regulations.

He said last year the organization moved 3,000 dogs from shelters in Zhengzhou during the floods, helping allied shelters find safety for their animals.

No Dogs Left Behind also recently brought in a number of dogs and cats from Afghanistan, flying 19 dogs to Pearson from a connection in Vancouver before finding them adoptive and foster homes.

Beri said No Dogs Left Behind has brought hundreds of dogs to Canada through Pearson since the fall of 2021.

“We believe rescue has no boundaries,” Beri said. “We are fighting the good fight.”

The organization is now working to establish dog rescue and shelter operations in Turkey.