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Animal rescue farm near Sainte-Anne-de Prescott in dire need of food, supplies and volunteers

A local animal rescue farm needs a rescue of its own.

Little dreams farm near Sainte-Anne-de Prescott has a shortage of food, shelter, building materials and volunteer labor, according to owner Marie-Josée Lambert.

Lambert bought the 23-acre farm in November 2020 and started with around 80 animals. She now has 170 living on the site. The animals range from rabbits and chickens to pigs and cattle.

“I’m freaking out!” Lambert said, of the current situation.

On average, the Little Dream Farm has only four volunteers, who help run the farm and build animal shelters. Lambert is worried about having enough building materials and shelter once the fall rain and winter arrive. The barn roof has a significant leak, which causes problems on rainy days, and Lambert fears this will get worse during the winter cycle of freeze and thaw. A barn door is also missing, leaving the interior exposed to wind, rain and soon cold and snow.

Lambert has two full-time jobs to cover the cost of feed for the animals. She doesn’t want to stop accepting animals that need a home.

“How am I supposed to say no?” “

The other reason Lambert gives for not rejecting the animals is that they could be slaughtered if she refused to take them.

“I can’t do this,” she said.

Lambert says she has building materials to build animal shelters, but she and her fellow volunteer Julie Michaud can’t do all of the work themselves.

“It takes more than two women to build a shelter for these horses and steers”, explains the owner of the Small Dream Farm.

Lambert would like to receive more food donations, or monetary donations that she could use to buy food. So far, most of his food donations have been table scraps, which are only suitable for feeding pigs.

Little dreams farm is open to visitors on Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and by appointment on weekdays. Visitors are encouraged to leave cash donations, but Lambert said the funds received were not enough to cover food expenses.

“I cannot do miracles here.”

However, Lambert stressed that animal welfare is his first priority.

“All the animals are treated well; they have their space, ”she noted. “I want to continue on this path.”

Lambert said she wanted visitors to the farm to understand the responsibility involved in operating a rescue farm.

“Come help,” she said.

Little dreams farm is located at 958 County Road 18 near Sainte-Anne-de Prescott.

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