Animal rescue

Animal rescue efforts continue in flood-hit KZN – SABC News

Animal rescue organizations in Durban are calling on people to be vigilant if they see lost or stray animals in their communities. As mudslides and heavy rains battered informal and formal settlements last week, people and their animals were left stranded.

As mudslides, high winds and torrential rain battered homes across Durban last week, families in formal and informal accommodation found themselves at risk.

Many have taken refuge in community halls and schools operating as temporary shelters. It was also the four-legged family members, the beloved pets, who were affected.

Many have been separated from their families. While some have been reunited, for the vast majority their hope is to be nurtured by new homes.

Phoenix Animal Care and Treatment, animal rescuer, Neeri Naidoo says, “At least as human beings, you are able to express how you feel and tell people. The animals are even more confused. We’ve had so many instances of them running around with leashes attached to them and running into traffic. We’ve had so many animals hit because they’re completely lost. If you can just be a little more alert to your surroundings and watch out for running animals, that’s not normal, so please report them to your local social welfare agency or SPCA.

The Naidoo Rescue Shelter she shares with Puppy SOS has suffered severe flooding and will need funds to rebuild. Naidoo says, “During the storm, most of the premises were flooded.

“The puppy room has been completely wiped out. The roofs collapsed, we are so grateful to God that none of the animals were harmed during this process. Our puppies suffered a shock but have now recovered. We had to cram nearly a hundred dogs between 2 rooms trying to empty the kennels and now we have to pick up these animals and have nowhere to take them. We immediately appealed to the general public to help us if they had space in garages or a spare part.

Similarly, Barbara Patrick of the Kloof and Highway SPCA branch says their offices and stables were damaged by the flooding. Patrick is appealing for donations to care for additional animals that need care while their families get back on their feet.

“We got a lot of calls, especially from people who had lost their homes and needed help with their animals, their pets. Right now, people had to focus on their own survival trying to protect their homes and families. Even though they love their animals, it was often difficult for them. We have received more calls in recent days than before. Compromised farm animals, on the beaches there were many animals stranded there many snakes were saved.

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