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5 pets looking for forever homes at the Destitute Animal Shelter in Bolton

Do you want to rescue a pet from a shelter? Here are five cats and dogs looking for homes.

The Bolton Destitute Animal Shelter treats over 2000 animals a year and has been around since the 1920s.

If you would like to shelter one of their animals, go to to find more information, or call 01204 526486.

Donations are also welcome by the association, in the form of money or gifts for the dogs, information also available on the website.


Dominic, 18 months, got into a fight with a larger cat, which ended up with a fang embedded in his leg. After undergoing surgery to remove the tooth, the “loving and clean” cat has recovered well. The Destitute Animal Shelter says Dominic will have to be the only pet in the house, will probably want to go out on time and should be fine with older children.


Crossbreed to a 16 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bruce needs a new home.

He finds the kennel stressful, but can be “caring and loving” when comfortable. He will need to be in a home with adults only and no other pets.

A victim of poor breeding, having been diagnosed with low-grade bilateral hip dysplasia in both hips among other health issues, Bruce’s adopter will have to deal with those issues.

Gino is “very affectionate and loves his hugs”


An 11-year-old cross, Gino likes to play and loves to go for walks.

The Destitute Animal Shelter says: “Although the humans have let him down, he still thinks we’re awesome, he’s very affectionate and loves his cuddles.”

The shelter says Gino should go to a home with no other pets and children should be over 12.

The Bolton News: Sam is "playful and affectionate and can also be quite lazy"Sam is “playful and affectionate and can also be quite lazy”


The shelter describes Sam as a “great dog” who “is fun and makes you laugh”.

Sam was tried in a house with another dog he knew by walkies but it didn’t work so he will have to be the only pet in a house.

He is obsessed with plushies and loves to tear them up, and is suitable for ages 6 and up.

Sam will need to be leashed when he walks and will need someone home most of the time.

The Bolton News: Del Boy, "as strong as it looks" is very happy and playful.Del Boy, “As Loud as He Looks” is very happy and playful.

Del Boy

A 6 year old mixed bull breed, Del Boy is as strong as he looks, but is described as a wonderful, very cheerful and playful dog.

He loves to run around with his fake stick as he likes to show off. He likes to run freely in a secure area rather than a walk.

However, he is very strong, which is why the shelter recommends that whoever adopts him have experience with large dogs.

If you would like more information on any of these animals, please visit the Bolton Destitute Animal Shelter Facebook page at: 119885424749709/